September 2014

Navigate with Tweets

September 24th, 2014|

Earlier this year, Amazon made the interesting announcement that the giant online retailer […]

Social Media in a Day

September 10th, 2014|

In order to give you a better viewpoint on the variances between social […]

Trending #Hashtags: Use Responsibly

September 9th, 2014|

It can be tempting to throw in a #hashtag here, one #there, and […]

Buying Things off Twitter

September 8th, 2014|

Twitter has recently been experimenting with extra functionality, specifically, a way to extend […]

August 2014

When It Comes to Social Media Profiles, Don’t Be Flippant

August 12th, 2014|

The power and importance of social media in sports was made transparently clear […]

Not Too Tacky

August 4th, 2014|

Promoting new content always poses challenges.  So here is the question a 54 year-old musician, […]

July 2014

Live-Tweeting: Tools, Tricks, and Tips

July 29th, 2014|

Last week, we had a blog post which explained that the phenomenon of […]

Live-Tweeting: A Challenging Opportunity

July 23rd, 2014|

A somewhat new phenomenon, live-tweeting is growing to be a major part of […]

Twitter Is Aiming to Improve Direct Messages

July 22nd, 2014|

Though a widely used and popular social media platform, Twitter at least is […]

World Cup Shatters Social Media Records

July 16th, 2014|

Earlier last month, we mentioned how the 2014 World Cup was slated to […]

Are You Following the CIA?

July 15th, 2014|

Several US government agencies have been building their social media platforms, to include the […]

June 2014

Most Global World Cup Yet

June 17th, 2014|

Sporting events are one of the few things that can trump political news, […]

Here a Tweet, There a Tweet, Everywhere a Tweet

June 11th, 2014|

Mainstream media and today’s pop culture are awash with Twitter; everything from breaking […]

May 2014

“We’re Being Tweeted into Combat,” Say US Troops

May 28th, 2014|

The media is still awash with information and concern over the 276 Nigerian […]

The Most Successful Twitter Troll Ever

May 14th, 2014|

It’s undeniable that social media has made, and is making, a huge impact […]