Ah, the Super Bowl.  The nation's largest sporting event of the year  generated 28.4 million tweets last Sunday, and gave Patriots fans multiple heart attacks before (finally) winning their first Super Bowl in 10 years.  

The nail-biter of a game was enough to make any football fan emotional, while the witty ads kept “social” football watchers entertained as well.  And as always, there was plenty of material to keep the social media world abuzz and give advertisers chances to score big.  

Here are just a few of some note-worthy tweets (and a little something extra) that encompass some of the great moments to emerge from the social media world of Super Bowl XLIX:

1.  Several brands, such as Charmin, Coke, and Doritos, were having fun on Twitter by tweeting at one another while promoting their own products.  Notably, in one of their own spots, Doritos referenced the Budweiser puppy ads and the Nissan dads ads.  Doritos figured if the world wants dads and puppies, why not combine the two? 


2.  Cheerios decided to play the witty card.  When New England’s Malcolm Butler picked off a pass at the goal line, which won the game for the Patriots, Cheerios tweeted: 


3.  Not much later, when the on-field brawls were taking place, Denny’s assured the players: 


Undoubtedly, that tweet made everyone feel better. 


4.  And that half-time show!  Who could possibly miss Katy Perry coming in on a lion, exactly like another famous figure exhibited in a popular TV show? 


5.  Finally, we will never forget the true MVP of this game.  The one who inspired memes, gifs, tweets, and entertained us during the half-time show: 










That’s right: Left Shark.  His choreography will undoubtedly have a profound impact on our lives, for a whole week.