August 2021

December 2017

Microsoft goes back on its promise to users

December 17th, 2017|

Back in May, Microsoft made the huge announcement that they were working with […]

September 2017

Facebook, Microsoft Finish Undersea Cable

September 25th, 2017|

Facebook, Microsoft, and the Spanish telecommunication company Telxius have just finished a 4,000 […]

July 2017

Microsoft Is Phasing Out Microsoft Paint: The Reactions

July 24th, 2017|

The upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 update is bringing a range of new features […]

June 2016

Microsoft to Add LinkedIn to Its Professional Network

June 13th, 2016|

Microsoft announced today that it is buying the professional social network, LinkedIn, for […]

September 2013

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 Tablet Hits Shelves

September 24th, 2013|

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 was released today with all the hype that […]

July 2013

New Microsoft Ad Slams iPad

July 10th, 2013|

Microsoft is charging forward with its current marketing strategy of bashing Apple, this […]

May 2013

Lumia 925: The Best Windows Phone Yet

May 14th, 2013|

Nokia revealed its refreshingly clean redesigned Lumia 925 in London this morning, and […]

April 2013

The Start Button Returns!

April 24th, 2013|

When Windows 8 launched, the cries of anguish were almost palatable. And, of […]

January 2013

Microsoft Considering Dell Buyout

January 25th, 2013|

Microsoft has engaged in talks to invest $1-3 billion as Dell moves from […]

December 2012

Microsoft’s New Social Network

December 7th, 2012|

Microsoft has just unveiled its brand new social network — for the second […]

September 2011

IE to Lose its Majority Status Within a Year

September 8th, 2011|

Projections that are sure to be disturbing Microsoft show the powerhouse’s staple browser—Internet […]