The upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 update is bringing a range of new features to the table, a fact which should technically enthrall Microsoft users. However, the company was not prepared for the outburst of rage following the announcement that part of the update would involve nuking their 32-year-old app, Microsoft Paint.

Despite their promise to release a Paint 3D, more modern, three-dimensional version of the original app, nostalgic computer users everywhere were crushed. Big name magazines and newspapers, such as Fox News, CNN, The New York Times or the Washington Post. have all created R.I.P. posts dedicated to end of an era. The topic is one of the top trending topics of Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter is definitely taking it harder than Facebook, however, and the platform is choked with ‘R.I.P. Paint’ tweets. We have included the best below for reminiscing. Enjoy!