May 2024

Heineken makes phones “Boring” again in latest marketing collab

May 6th, 2024|

As part of its latest advertising campaign, Dutch brewing company Heineken joined forces […]

March 2024

February 2024

Universal Music Group parts ways with TikTok

February 20th, 2024|

Earlier this month, Universal Music Group (UMG) removed all of its tracks from […]

FCC establishes new data breach reporting rule for telecom companies

February 19th, 2024|

On February 12, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission published a new rule that […]

January 2024

How cybercriminals used Inferno Drainer malware to steal millions in crypto

January 22nd, 2024|

A new report published by cybersecurity solutions company Group-IB revealed that Inferno Drainer […]

December 2023

New cyberattack campaign singles out Israeli-made devices

December 4th, 2023|

An Iranian-based cyber group dubbed “CyberAv3ngers” recently launched a cyberattack campaign targeting Israeli-made […]

November 2023

October 2023

September 2023

August 2023

Meta denies Canadian users access to news publications

August 14th, 2023|

Last week, Meta removed access to all news sources for Canadian users on […]

June 2023

How cybercriminals stole over 100k ChatGPT credentials in the past year

June 21st, 2023|

Earlier this week, a report revealed that cybercriminals recently gained access to thousands […]

Meta is one step closer to releasing rival Twitter app

June 20th, 2023|

After months of development, Meta is one step closer to releasing its much-anticipated […]

May 2023

Twitter restricted Turkish users leading up to election day

May 24th, 2023|

Earlier this month, Twitter cooperated with the Turkish government to restrict select users’ […]

March 2023

Introducing: ALTERNcloud

March 3rd, 2023|

OPUSfidelis is pleased to announce that ALTERNcloud, a sister company of OPUSfidelis, is […]