As part of its latest advertising campaign, Dutch brewing company Heineken joined forces with streetwear brand Bodega to create a limited-edition cellphone they’re calling “The Boring Phone.”

“There’s more to social life when there’s less on your phone.”

In an effort to help customers rediscover the beauty of undistracted human interactions, Heineken’s campaign focuses on the concept of connectivity and uses its advertisements to help customers see what life was like “when smartphones weren’t a thing.” Featuring multiple 15-second videos, the campaign highlights various daily scenarios in which people miss out on engaging with those around them because they’re drawn to their phones – and how a Boring Phone can help.

Goodbye iPhone, hellooo Boring Phone

With no high-definition cameras, social media applications, or even GPS capabilities, The Boring Phone was made to be unexciting – so whether you’re at a concert, getting together with friends at a restaurant, or meeting someone new at the bar, you can live fully in the moment.

And the best part is, you can actually own one.

Thanks to Finnish mobile phone company HMD (Human Mobile Devices), Heineken created 5,000 “Boring” phones that it is giving away to select individuals across the world who fill out the interest form on its website. For those doubting whether there are even 5,000 people who want to own a phone without internet access in today’s world, Heineken’s recent survey of Gen Z and millennial smartphone users found that over 30% wished they had a way to “switch off from their phones during a night out.” Nabil Nasser, the Global Head of Heineken, recently commented about the initiative: 

“We could all do with a break from the constant distractions of smart tech; something our research has shown is even more important to our Gen Z and Millennial consumers. When we spoke to them about their smartphone usage, we quickly realized that many feel they are habitually distracted when socializing by their device but also admit they didn’t want to go completely phone-free. At Heineken, we want to foster moments of genuine connection and help people experience the joy of true togetherness. In creating The Boring Phone, we have gone back to basics, we have dialed down the tech to help people truly connect over a beer, without any distraction from the constant buzzing and dings.”