Rather than asking people to pull out their wallets, in its latest ad campaign, the Salvation Army of Brazil is asking hotel residents to empty their suitcases.

“The Salvation Hanger”

In an effort to increase clothing donations in São Paulo, the Salvation Army found a way to reinvent the donation box – by furnishing hotel closets with hangers that allow guests to give their extra clothing to the nonprofit. Since April 3, multiple hotels across the city have joined the initiative to support those in need. Not only do the hangers provide a convenient way for visitors to give back to the community, but they also feature a QR code linking to additional information about the work being accomplished by the Salvation Army. Captain Josiane Martinez of the Salvation Army recently shared about the vision behind the campaign:

“São Paulo is the main destination in Brazil to boost your wardrobe. With this in mind, The Salvation Army created an action that raises awareness and contributes to the well-being of needy communities. With the Salvation Hanger, we offer a simple and effective way to do good while enjoying the city.”

View the ad below.