Positioning & Messaging

We look at the complete environment surrounding a product, service, or mission and use decades of know-how and proprietary techniques for crafting clients’ marketing messages with clarity and standing.

Strategy & Planning

At OPUSfidelis, we don’t believe in creating hype; we take a holistic approach to strategy and planning, assessing the entire organization’s chain from the top-down, including people, processes, and technology.

International Public Affairs

We offer strategy and operations support for public affairs positioning, coalition building, advocacy and development campaigns. We bring fine-tuned expertise to expand your regional as well as global relations and interactions.

Nonprofit Fundraising

We help nonprofits accelerate revenue growth, increase awareness, inspire supporters, and diversify funding. Strategy & analytics drive the entire process from new donor acquisition to identifying major gift opportunities.

New Media

Our online publishers use world-class technology, sourcing and generating new content to create social, viral and engaging experiences while maintaining the right tone for your brand.

Traditional Media

Print, radio, TV, and exhibitions retain a significant presence in any comprehensive marketing plan. At OPUSfidelis, we believe in media convergence, helping organizations integrate traditional marketing with New Media strategies.


Whether you need to connect with rural America through print Ads, connect to particular markets with cable spots, or prefer a robust online campaign to track Ad ROI directly, we are a one-stop shop for integrated media campaigns!

Creative Services

Stand out with strategic ideas, design, and compelling creative to accompany your marketing strategy, ensuring that every detail from planning to day-to-day execution is designed for success.

Web Development

Enhance your impact via a digital infrastructure that grows your brand footprint and amplifies your messages immediately to engage millions of users globally in a targeted way by offering calls for action (subscriptions, payments…) that are relevant to your audience.


Activating Constituencies

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OPUSfidelis created a viral initiative that generated over 93,000 petitions to legislators in a matter of weeks.

Real-time Behavior Analysis


OPUSfidelis has deployed state-of-the-art monitoring technologies to help customers react to their audiences with helpful context.

Sustained Engagement Growth


OPUSfidelis helped a nationwide organization increase its online social outreach by over 1 million views each month for 8 consecutive months.

Grassroots Engagement

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OPUSfidelis helped a commercial and mixed-use real estate investment trust (“REIT”) deploy a master plan for an existing suburban community, leveraging the arts & culture inheritage of the community via social media awareness and grassroots engagement.

Activating the Web


OPUSfidelis enlivened an online audience to a nationwide effort—standing with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Viral and online petitions were launched to mobilize the millions of Americans who wanted A&E Networks to reconsider Phil’s indefinite hiatus.

Mobilizing Millions

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OPUSfidelis harnessed the power of the web to promote a nationwide effort in support of Chick-fil-A. The campaign mobilized millions of Americans to take part in a record-setting sales day for the restaurant chain.
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