The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to hang out with family, eat great food, and just laze around in general.  However, there are some issues, namely, travel.  Despite the generally relaxed atmosphere around this time of year, it is simultaneously one of the most stressful weeks on the calendar for people, because of difficult travel situations.  

Luckily, social media platforms like Twitter are able to lend a hand, and keep one updated on anything that can or does go wrong.  This includes things like delays, cancelations, rescheduling, etc.  

With a snowstorm on track to hit the northeastern United States tomorrow, here are some useful Twitter accounts for staying safe and up-to-date in the next few days:

Weather Tracking

  1. The National Weather Service
  2. Capital Weather – For updates on Washington, D.C., weather
  3. National Weather Service Mount Holly – For the Philadelphia area.
  4. National Weather Service New York City
  5. NY1 Weather
  6. Ryan Hanrahan – For Hartford, Connecticut, updates
  7. National Weather Service Boston – For Boston, Massachusetts, updates


  1. American
  2. Delta
  3. United
  4. Southwest
  5. Virgin America
  6. Air Canada
  7. JetBlue

Thanks to Mashable for aggregating the links.