This perfectly ordinary April day has seen some very interesting announcements and updates! We here at OPUSfidelis are not sure what gave rise to such a glut of information on such a regular, boring day, but it’s all pretty exciting, so we won’t pry into it any further.

First up, Uber, the massively popular ridesharing app, has announced that they are opening their business model even wider, to cater to as many needy travelers as possible. They’ve done this before, stating with the fancy black car service, adding the cheaper and more popular UberX cars, and now, UberBoat in Thailand. The company has proposed that this will help with the flash floods, and give people a reliable option to get around – even if they don’t live on a big hill.

Google has added a new function to their ever-useful maps, although it’s slightly unclear what the feature is meant to accomplish. By clicking a button near the bottom-left corner, you are able to move a yellow sphere around the local streets, which doesn’t seem to accomplish much, especially since you have to keep starting over from the beginning if you run into any of the other “characters.” Time will tell the true use of this curious mode, but Google has never let us down before!

Amazon.comScreen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.30.21 PM has made a surprise update to their homepage, probably with the intention of simplifying the user experience. We’ve yet to determine how the admittedly confusing interface is a step forwards, but we’ll figure it out! There does seem to be a minor glitch though, with the date listing the year as 1999. Odd, but that’ll be fixed soon enough.

The breaking news just seems to be rolling in, so keep your eyes open for any other stories, and remember: Even if something seems pretty far-fetched, at the very least it’s netting engagement and hopefully some fans.