Pinterest is looking to better integrate itself with web users’ habits, which is particularly clear with their new update that simplifies the process of “pinning” new content.

Prior to this update, articles, photos, and anything else of note could be pinned to a board from inside Pinterest itself, or from a button added by the source of the content, which is typically found alongside the usual suite of social buttons.

The new button is a web browser extension that can now be added to Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, and makes it easier than ever to share by simply cutting down the number of clicks it takes to do so.

Using the new button is simple: click the browser button, and a grid pops up listing everything that is pinnable on the current page. Pick what you want to tack up, and then pick the board where it belongs. Voila! Done in only three clicks!

According to the company, people have pinned over 50 billion items since Pinterest began in 2010, and this new update is expected to increase that number exponentially. Pinterest sometimes gets overlooked as a social network, but those numbers are nothing to scoff at. Keep an eye on this amusing yet functional service: something tells me there’s much more up its sleeve for the future!

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