In its latest ad campaign, food manufacturing giant Kraft-Heinz uses historic art to explore the significance of soup through the ages.

“Good then. Great now.”

While historians estimate that people have been making soup for centuries, Heinz’s fresh take gives that timelessness a new interest. The food manufacturer recently put its own spin on art pieces from three different eras, all of which depict the distinguished dish. With a dash of animation and heaps of ingenuity, Heinz brought the stories behind them to life. The result is a striking series of humorous ads showcasing its current lines of canned soups.

When asked about the inspiration behind the campaign, Rebecca Preston, chief marketing officer of Kraft-Heinz ANZ, commented:

“Soup has been fueling humankind for centuries. It is easy to prepare and can be made from almost any ingredient, making it a universal crowd-pleaser, even as culture and tastes shift. Our campaign celebrates the role soup has played in every culture’s history. It was good then, and thanks to Heinz, it is great now.”

The campaign will be featured on billboards, social media, television, and more. View some of the ads for yourself below!

Heinz: Chunky Range

Heinz: Big Red

Heinz: Classic Range