After months of development, Meta is one step closer to releasing its much-anticipated Twitter alternative: the new app now has an icon.

Coming soon: Barcelona

As disgruntled former blue-check users abandon Elon Musk’s Twitter in search of a new broadcast social media network, Meta is stepping in to fill the gap. While the app prototype, currently dubbed “Barcelona,” was primarily created as an alternative to Twitter, Meta will be incorporating additional features into the app in response to evolving social media networking trends. Along with the app icon, which appears to blend both Twitter and Instagram color palettes, new details about Barcelona have also been revealed in recent weeks.

Although separate from the Instagram app, Barcelona is designed so users can set up an account using their Instagram profile and login information. The app will allow users to post updates with up to 500 characters (surpassing Twitter’s 280-character limit), in addition to links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long. With social media trends showing increased use of direct messaging for sharing information, the app will also include new chat-space features, potentially helping brands connect directly with customers. By releasing Barcelona, Meta is aiming to break into this lucrative market of text-based apps and provide users with a viable alternative to Twitter – possibly by the end of the summer.