Is Pinterest really an asset in the world of social media marketing?

The platform tends to be seen as an outlet for moms looking for step-by-step makeup tutorials, DIY projects for children, and home renovation ideas. But, while true to a certain extent, this perceived image often leads to the misconception that Pinterest is worthless for the purposes of social media marketing for a broad audience.

Pinterest is currently one of the most useful tools – holding the distinctive title of the #2 social traffic referrer worldwide. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Pinterest provides a vast and varied audience, giving marketers a wide range of ways to target potential consumers. Louise Myers, a graphic design/social media guru, writes:

Wondering who’s on Pinterest these days? Among our 175 million monthly users, you’ll find millennials, parents, app aficionados and more.

We pulled together this handy infographic to share the most important details about who uses Pinterest in the US, how they use it and why they love it. Keep these insights in mind as you plan your next marketing campaign—with so many types of Pinners, you’re sure to find your audience on Pinterest.

Wondering if you can find your target audience on Pinterest? Take a look at this Marketing Success Graphic and see for yourself!