Facebook is introducing a new feature to keep users constantly engaged in its ecosystem. Each of Facebook’s apps – Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram – now send notifications from the other apps, enabling users to seamlessly switch among them.

This is Facebook’s way of reminding its users that there is always something going on in its other apps. It’s also a great boost for advertisers, because the longer users are involved in Facebook apps, the more exposure your brand could get.

In addition to this update, the ascendance of Messenger shows how important it is becoming that social media users devote their time either to Facebook or Messenger. Here is an infographic that shows the top messaging apps:

The Most Popular Messaging Platforms, By The Numbers [Infographic] | Social Media Today

Facebook definitively tops the rest, as it owns both Whatsapp and Messenger. To capitalize on these apps’ success, Facebook has introduced messenger bots to interact with users in real time. Like the new notification system, this innovation is designed to keep users involved – even if they are not talking to real people.

Facebook understands that consistent engagement is crucial for forming a strong bond with its customers. You can follow suite by using Facebook’s successful ecosystem to always keep the conversation about your brand alive.