Independence Day is best remembered through pictures: fireworks in the iconic opening of Zodiac, a polaroid snapshot of a hometown parade—patriotism often goes hand-in-hand with nostalgia. You can use this trope to promote your business with social media, in particular, Instagram. The site offers the ideal settings to tell your business’ patriotic story.


Instagram Tips

Remember the basics of taking a good picture—the angle should be interesting, and the lighting proper. With Instagram though, lighting is a whole different story: the site offers many filters that can give each picture a “unique” feel. With such options available (and commonly used), simply posting a picture to this visually centered social site will not suffice. Simply put, use filters. They distinguish your pictures, and since these filters are a norm on Instagram, your followers will not perceive them as unprofessional, but rather as a sign that you are an engaged and informed member of the Instagram world.

Be sure to caption your Instagram pictures, and to tag them with appropriate hashtags. Captions and hashtags should be “witty” or “eye-catching.” Most people have low thresholds for what they consider “witty” and “eye-catching,” so do not strain yourself too much here. After all, it is Independence Day.

Keeping in mind that Instagram is about “visuals” rather than “words,” don’t ramble: use imperatives. Short, simple commands resonate. “Celebrate with this product.” “Check out our site for more.” Such terse captions as these will work. Remember, you want to catch people’s eye, not test their reading comprehension skills.

Finally, keep track of which posts perform well. If a certain style or filter worked well on July 4th, it may work again. Keep up with your what your followers want, and you will be able to provide them with content that will keep them actively engaged with your Instagram account.

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