When speaking to potential donors, fundraisers should tell it straight. It doesn’t matter how revolting the details, how discomforting the ill—donors want to be emotionally involved with the cause they support—they give money so that the nonprofit can change lives and make a positive impact in the world. Fundraisers have the obligation to tell it like it is by being authentic, transparent, and helping to draw the donor into the mission.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that a fundraiser should put on a Greek tragedy in the hope that some kind soul makes a donation. Always tell the truth, know the need and explain your message in the simplest terms possible that will appeal to the donor’s heart and mind. Share with the donor the consequences if the need is not fulfilled. And communicate that urgency. Don’t be afraid to be emotional about it, to tell the personal stories of those in need and how their lives were changed for the better. To read more on this subject visit NonProfitPro

Source via NonProfitPro.