Aliens are so hot right now.

The internet is abuzz with anticipation for the Pentagon UFO Report, which is set to be submitted to Congress on June 29. So far, the few military videos that have already been de-classified have everyone asking the question: Do aliens actually exist?

Oreo seems to think so. 

Bringing all lifeforms together

On June 3, Oreo released an ad featuring a limited-edition pack of Double Stuf Oreos which it purportedly made as a “peace offering” for any aliens flying over earth. The special Oreos sold out – to humans – within three hours. When asked about the inspiration behind the ad, Oreo’s Senior Brand Manager, Olympia Portale recently stated:

“Whether you are a UFO believer or not, it is undeniable that a special connection forms over earth’s No. 1 cookie and a glass of milk! … With The Oreo Offering, we are ready to greet any lifeforms that might be out there.”

In order to attract aliens’ attention, Oreo did more than make a special edition Oreo. The crafty cookie company created a three-acre wide, Oreo-shaped crop circle in Kansas and placed a plate of the new Oreos and a fridge full of whole milk inside.

Oreo then took to Twitter to ask followers what else could be done to make aliens feel welcomed. Many chimed in, telling Oreo to include a bedroom set inside the crop circle, which is exactly what it did. The latest video of the campaign shows two guards stationed in a truck by the field, so that they could keep watch overnight – while keeping fans updated live on Twitter. It appears the aliens were pleased…

Capitalizing on trending news for brand relevance

This isn’t the first time Oreo has created a campaign capitalizing on trending news. Last year, when there was a chance that an asteroid might hit Earth, they built an impenetrable vault in the middle of Norway to “save” Oreos for humankind. The vault contained cases of Oreos, powdered milk, and the secret Oreo recipe to ensure that Oreos would survive for generations to come.

Whether preparing for cataclysmic disasters or extraterrestrial encounters, Oreo hits the sweet spot in brand relevance by capitalizing on current events.