This past week, Variety reported that the upcoming iPhone 8 may be sporting built-in wireless charging, which would allow iPhone users even greater mobility.

Since there would be no need to plug the device into a wall, users would instead be provided with a charging surface which would transmit energy to the phone through the application of electromagnetic principles. According to the outlet:

Wireless charging is typically a bit slower than wired charging, especially compared to the kind of fast chargers that typically ship with high-end handsets these days. However, in the case of the iPhone, it would also solve one major problem: Ever since the omission of the headphone jack, consumers have had to decide whether to use the integrated Lightning port for their headphones or for charging, or resort to complicated dongles top do both at the same time.

Interested in seeing this concept in action? Check out the video below to see how experts predict wireless charging will work, as well as other little tweaks which we can expect from this up-and-coming iPhone.

iPhone 8: Wireless Charging Concept