Facial recognition cameras are becoming more common as digital security measures – and if rumors are correct, they will be coming to the iPhone 8.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if Apple added a facial recognition camera; competitors Microsoft and Samsung have had them for years. However, new cameras from Apple would likely mean a tech upgrade from the laughable gaffes of the devices right now. Unsophisticated facial recognition cameras can be fooled by holding up a video of the phone owner’s face to the camera. Similarly, some cameras cannot recognize faces when the owner is wearing a hat or makeup.

But since Apple has recently been buying up facial recognition companies – like the PrimeSense, which developed the game maker Kinect – it is likely the company is looking for the opportunity to innovate.

Many iPhone users will welcome this change, but it could raise concerns about privacy. A sophisticated 3D face detector means that Apple would have to have a cache of people’s faces on file in a server. This would not be new – the company already has many users’ fingerprints recorded because of a new recent update for lock screen security. Apple has promised to keep its customers’ information secure, but has not been open about how data is collected, used, and shared.

Whatever the case, if Apple implements the facial recognition camera with its new iPhone, we may soon be handing our faces over to our phones.