“Let’s meet at our place.”

Preserving the air of mystery around their latest updates, the phrase is the only details to be found on Apple’s invitations to their iPhone 8 launch event.

Confusing? Well considering that this will be their first event at the new Apple Park campus in Cupertino, the directive makes total sense. The company is excited about their new location, and isn’t trying to hide it.

On top of the already exciting mass-debut of their new location, will be the long-anticipated announcements that will be broadcast during the event. They will encompass future updates, especially those for Apple Watch, Apple TV and iOS.

But what really has avid Apple fans excited is the main course: the long rumored launch of the iPhone 8.  Ever since it was announced, there has been intense speculation about the new features which are rumored to set the phone far apart from it’s predecessor, the iPhone 7. According to Gadget 360:

The new iPhone models are expected to not feature the traditional Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and instead house 3D sensors to enable facial recognition feature. Apple made the fingerprint scanner popular on smartphones, so it will be interesting to see how the company attempts to set the next trend for authentication on phones.

 According to earlier reports, the iPhone models will have much smaller chins — bezels — allowing company to fit bigger displays in the same (as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus), if not smaller form factor. Speaking of which, reports suggest that at least one of the models will feature OLED display (current generation iPhone models ship with LCD displays). Which brings us to its rumored price: $999.

But, as we know, Apple always has a few tricks up its sleeves. So we are excited to see what will go down in a little less than two weeks!