In its new “All is Fair in Monopoly” ad campaign, Hasbro reminds gamers that Monopoly is the one place where kids and grandparents alike can embrace their baser selves in the spirit of fun.

How to indulge in “playful mischief”

Created in partnership with The Martin Agency, the video ad campaign tells the stories of different Monopoly players and the strategies they use to win. By creating real-world portrayals of players’ game-board personas, they reveal how savage people become “all in the name of the game.” From an adorable little girl serving a rent-past-due notice to her pregnant mom, to a granny bank teller stealthily stealing cash, the segments also show how players exploit others and use their supposed weaknesses to their advantage.

As a Hasbro spokesperson recently commented on the campaign:

“Everyone knows when Monopoly debuts at game night, the claws come out. It’s the spirit of opulence, joy, strategy, and the inevitable board-flipping that have made the beloved game such a pop culture treasure. Leaning into those truths, we partnered with The Martin Agency to create our new ‘All is Fair’ campaign — a full-force celebration of ruthlessness, rivalry, and the ‘All is Fair’ mentality of Monopoly. Playful mischief is at the heart of the Monopoly experience, and with the launch of this campaign it’s become central to how Hasbro will position the brand.” 

Why the campaign works

With their clever storylines and cheeky actresses, these ads reflect a truth that all Monopoly players have experienced firsthand: the game brings out the absolute worst in people — and that’s the fun of it.

View the ads for yourself below.

Ad 1: Little Landlady

Ad 2: Greedy Grandma