For advertisers, keeping up with the latest social media developments is crucial to conducting effective, engaging campaigns. From Instagram’s sustained success to Twitter… er, X’s devolution, here are three poll-based trends Social Media Today advises online marketers to keep an eye on in 2023.

“1. More people are using LinkedIn, more often

Last week, we ran [a] poll on LinkedIn to get a sense of how people are using the app in 2023… [B]ased on 2,433 responses, the vast majority claim to be using LinkedIn ‘more’ or ‘a lot more’ this year… Last month, LinkedIn reported that sharing of original content in the app increased by 41% year-over-year in 2022. It’s also continued to rise this year, with LinkedIn reporting ‘record levels’ of engagement within parent company Microsoft’s quarterly reports.

2. X’s name change remains unpopular, while advertisers remain wary

Over on the platform formerly known as Twitter, we recently asked users how their in-app experience has been this year… [M]ost people still view the app as ‘Twitter,’ no matter what its new name might be. Also, most brands are still hesitant to wade back into the X waters. [B]ased on almost 1,500 responses… the feedback is overwhelmingly against X ads right now. That directly aligns with recent statements from Elon Musk, in which he noted that U.S. ad spend on X is down 60% year-over-year

3. Instagram remains hugely popular, despite replicating other app features

Based on a LinkedIn poll, which received more than 3,200 responses, Instagram is the platform that people are still using more often than any other app. This could be viewed as an endorsement of Instagram’s replication efforts, which many have criticized, but can be an effective way to keep its users from drifting off to other apps.