You’ve probably seen Facebook’s most recent innovation – or more properly termed “imitation” – popping up under the search bar in your News Feed. It’s called Facebook Camera and it looks almost exactly like Snapchat, a fact which Facebook has admitted.

Although very much like Snapchat (and Instagram Stories for that matter), Facebook’s new feature is more open. Unless you’re not following a friend, you will be able to see everything they post on Camera, which encourages a less candid attitude for users. But aside from this minor difference, Facebook Camera is an almost identical clone of Snapchat, but bigger.

Here’s a list of the pros and cons Facebook Camera from TechCrunch.

What’s in Facebook Camera:

  • Drawing with resizable marker and chalk brushes
  • Emoji stickers
  • Colored captions
  • Animated selfie lenses and masks
  • Environmental effects like highlight lines and funhouse mirrors
  • Reactive filters that respond to movement like lava lamp colors
  • Iterative filters that surprise you with new effects if you get more people in frame
  • Fine-art-style transfers that make your images look like line drawings or impressionist paintings
  • Professional artist filters like Hattie Stewart’s doodle bombs and Doug Copeland’s psychedelia
  • Licensed filters from six movie studios, including a Minions filter
  • Cause-supporting filters like rainbows for gay pride
  • Geotagged location filters for certain places
  • Country-specific filters for around 10 initial markets

What’s missing:

  • Simple Instagram-style color filters for boosting exposure or contrast (Snapchat, Instagram)
  • 3D stickers for pinning text, emoji or drawings to objects in a video (Snapchat)
  • Playback effects for slow-mo and fast-forward (Snapchat)
  • FaceSwap (Snapchat)
  • User- and business-submitted filters (Snapchat)
  • Caption background colors for easy reading (Instagram)
  • Location tags for turning any place-name into a stylized sticker (Instagram)
  • Mentions for tagging friends (Instagram)
  • Computer-generated filters that turn any text into frames (Messenger)
  • Who’s Up For? filters for inviting friends to hang out (Messenger)

Since it’s still in its infancy, Facebook Camera has a lot of innovating to do before it can definitively beat Snapchat. But size does matter, and if Camera succeeds, Snapchat could be in serious trouble.