Throughout the past decade, technology has been evolving at light-speed, and with it, the world of marketing. Continually supplied with new and innovative ways to reach out to consumers, marketers are constantly re-assessing the best platforms to promote their products. However, despite the influx of messaging options, there is one advertising medium which has consistently outperformed all others: email marketing.

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works

According to Inc. there are five main reasons that email has retained its place at the #1 marketing platform:

  1. Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers.

Using email is better for mobile marketing than SMS because:

  • It works on mobile devices other than phones
  • Emails are free for the consumer, whereas texting may incur a charge
  • Emails have far more space for content than text messages, allowing for better marketing pieces.
  1. It’s an effective way to keep customers informed.

Email marketing isn’t something marketers do just because they can and it’s easy. The tactic is very effective at helping business owners and consumers stay connected. In fact, consumers often seek out email marketing campaigns from their favorite brands and local stores.

  1. Email coupons drive online and in-store sales.

Though consumers are looking to save money, it can turn into increased revenue for the retailer. E-coupons are big business, and email marketing is at its heart. The number of mobile coupons used is estimated to double over the next five years to reach 1 billion people. Email marketing is a good way to start reaching the growing number of online bargain hunters.

  1. It’s easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics.

Depending on the depth of the email database and the skill of the crafter, email marketing messages can range from simple to very complex. Emails can be personalized to include the name of the user and even more.

  1. Email marketing is inexpensive.

Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of pennies per message. For small-business owners on a budget, this makes it a better choice than traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, or direct mail.

Not only is email the best way to share your content with consumers, but there are ways to utilize this platform even further! Curious how you can win the email marketing game?

Take a look below at what Social Media Explorer claims to be ‘The Best Email Marketing Infographic You Have Ever Seen’.