In our increasingly mobile world, it is often hard to convey information and advice readily. Podcasts offer a palatable solution. Pop in the earbuds, and you can listen to your favorite gurus whenever you want and wherever you go. If your business already has a blog, you may be considering starting a podcast. But where do you begin?

ThinkstockPhotos-482052177First, consider the podcast. Is it right for your business? Take into account whether your followers would be receptive to a podcast. If so, pick a topic that is both relatively uncovered and in which you are well-versed. A podcast often demands even more content than your social media or your blog would ever need, so you must be an expert in your topic, if you want to survive more than a few episodes.

Once you have decided upon your topic, consider the incidental things about podcasts. Do you have a pleasant voice? Do you have the resources and equipment necessary to record a podcast? Can you successfully promote your podcast across your social media channels? Are you committed to a long-term schedule? You must consider these factors when starting a podcast—if you lack in even one, you should probably reconsider.

If you are not ready for a podcast, there are alternatives. You can partner with other podcasters and post their work to your own blog. You can create written content to support another podcaster. Even if you leave the business untouched, be aware that podcasts have become a mainstream fixture in many companies’ online presences. Both accessible and portable, they offer a great way to convey your business’ message.

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