As the whole world moves onto the internet, online service companies have become more accommodating to marketers. This week, both Facebook and Google, two online giants, have announced new features that will allow marketers to target their audiences more specifically.

ThinkstockPhotos-78817776Google’s new service, Customer Match, requisitions information from users’ YouTube and Search history and gives it to marketers looking to target a specific audience. Facebook already has a similar feature that automatically takes ads and pairs them with a user whose account seems the most receptive to the content. Customer Match is not revolutionary—it’s just another step in Facebook’s direction.

In a similar vein, Facebook is expanding its advertising services. A new metric touted as the “Total Rating Point,” allows marketers to see how their video ads perform on Facebook in comparison to their ads on TV. While this feature applies mostly to larger companies, Facebook has an ulterior motive for instituting the “Total Rating Point.” The site hopes this sorts of comparison will show that if marketers wish to truly pinpoint their audiences, they need to deploy more online video ads.

Information from data bases allows marketers to see in what exactly their target audiences are interested. Take advantage—new services like these ones from Facebook and Google allow you to find your marketing niche more easily.

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