Amazon is constantly updating their business model to make online purchasing easier for consumers, utilizing the latest forms of technology to do so. However, has their latest concept, which the company has been working on over the past year, pushed the envelope a bit too far?

Their latest system, called Amazon Key, allows Amazon’s deliverymen to drop goods off… inside your house. The lock and camera system, which can be accessed and controlled remotely, allows users to create temporary passcodes to allow temporary access to whoever they choose.

Fox Business reports:

“This is not an experiment for us,” said Peter Larsen, Amazon vice president of delivery technology, in an interview. “This is a core part of the Amazon shopping experience from this point forward.” 

Members of Amazon’s Prime shopping club can pay $249.99 and up for a cloud-controlled camera and lock that the company offers to install. Delivery associates are told to ring a doorbell or knock when they arrive at someone’s house. If no one greets them, they press ‘unlock’ in a mobile app, and Amazon checks its systems in an instant to make sure the right associate and package are present.

The camera then streams video to the customer who remotely can watch the in-home delivery take place. The associate cannot proceed with other trips until the home is again locked.

Considering Amazon’s success with past projects, this new program may revolutionize the package delivery industry, making it even more convenient than before. If so, they will set the stage for many other organisations and corporations to change their delivery method.

However, some wonder whether this system will present a privacy issue, since many people do not feel comfortable with strangers having access to their house. If this is the majority mindset, then it may inhibit the success of Amazon Key. However, only time will tell.

Would you consider purchasing Amazon Key?