Ready to learn some useful – and just plain cool – iPhone tricks? Whether you want to save time, simplify your life, or simply impress your friends, here is a list of eight of our favorite features hidden in your device. (Thanks, MacTips, for the inspiration!)

1. Super Charge

In a rush, but need an extra 5-10% battery life? Plug in your phone and immediately slide up your options menu and put it in flight mode. By shutting down all of the battery-sucking activity going on in your device, you’re guaranteed to get a much faster charge.

2. Simpler, Speedier Searches

Need to do a quick search, but have fat fingers? Save time and energy by holding down the full stop icon (the period) to bring up a short-cut series of URL suffixes when using Safari for searches. You can find a whole range of options from ‘.com’ to ‘.uk’ or ‘.edu’. It is assuredly a life saver and one of our favorite iPhone tricks!

3. Become a Professional Photographer

Don’t you hate when you’re taking a picture via iPhone and have to keep tapping the screen to focus?  Well, never again. Instead of repeatedly tapping the screen, press for a second of two until a little box saying ‘AF Locked’ appears on your screen. You are now able to concentrate on getting a good shot instead of waging war with auto-focus.

4. About Your Compass

No doubt you have relegated your compass into some folder in the far reaches of your iPhone. Since it seems pretty pointless thanks to your GPS, and you can’t delete it, the only other option has been to remove it from sight. However, you may want to pull that little guy back out of hiding. If you swipe left in the Compass app, you can bring up a fun “spirit level” with a traditional bubble gauge. Place your iPhone on a surface and determine whether it is level!

5. Close 3 Apps in a Single Bound

Save your cell data and close all the applications on your iPhone. Instead of sliding each one up individually, you can slide three up at a time. The secret? Instead of using one finger to drag up on the multi-tasking menu, use three. So much faster.

6. Save Some Battery Juice

Spotlight Search isn’t just useful for instant access to news. You can also turn off apps that are draining your battery, especially those random ones running the background.  Just go Settings > General > Spotlight Search and take control of your phone’s life.

7. Hard-Reset the Real Way

So the Home Button on the iPhone 7 isn’t actually a button. Sorry for the spoiler, all you non-iPhone7 users. Anyhow, this does wreak havoc with the old hard-reset system, which involves holding down the home button and the power button.  Well for the iPhone 7 and beyond, the protocol is now to hold the power button and the volume down button. Note: Holding the volume up button will not work.

8. Find and Improve Your Signal

Do you find yourself walking around, holding your phone above your head and out of windows trying to find a signal? Embarrass yourself no more. Type *3001#12345#* and hit call. This will launch the hidden Field Mode tool, turning your bar chart-based signal indicator into a numerical-based signal signifier. Got a score of -50? Netflix is going to stream just fine. Down around -110? Texts will be a struggle, not to mention other applications.