Has it been a lifelong dream of yours to own a robot dog that can follow you around? No?

Chinese tech company Xiaomi is showcasing its proprietary servo motors with the limited release of a new quadruped robot called the CyberDog. Dubbed a “beefier version of Boston Dynamics’ Spot” by TechCruch’s Daniel Cooper, the bot is open-source, designed so that other developers can enhance it and create new apps for it.

A high-tech hound

Equipped with GPS technology as well as a variety of cameras and ultrasonic and touch sensors, the CyberDog is powered by the world’s smallest AI supercomputer: the Jetson Xavier NX by NVIDIA. According to Xiaomi, with these combined features, the bot can not only track human faces and identify posture, but it can find its way around obstacles and follow its owner.

Limited release

Are you just dying to get your hands on one of these? We know, the facial recognition technology is super tempting. If so, you’re out of luck, because Xiamoi isn’t offering these beauties for general sale. Nope. Only 1,000 are going out to “Xiaomi fans, engineers and robotics enthusiasts to jointly explore the immense possibility of CyberDog.” And that’s not all – interested parties will have to cough up a whopping $1,540 for these puppies.

For the rest of us hoi polloi, a shelter dog might be the cheaper – less frightening – option.