Recently launched app Squad has a lot of potential. What is it about this app that has Facebook and Snapchat employees taking notes?

Squad is a video chat app that allows group chats with up to six people, and enables them to share their screens at any time. If you want to browse dresses online with your best friend, watch Ariana Grande’s latest music video together, or just look for some dank memes, Squad is the perfect platform.

Esther Crawford, Co-Founder and CEO of Squad says of its birth:

The idea came from a combination of things — a pain we were experiencing as a team. My development team is constantly sending each other screenshots and screen recordings. It seemed ridiculous that I can’t just show you what’s on my screen. It was a business use case internally. My daughter over the summer was bugging me. “Why can’t I just show what’s on my screen with my friends?” I said I think it’s not technically possible.

Just a year ago, it might not have been. It wasn’t until recently that Apple’s ReplayKit became stable enough to make it possible. But now, Crawford and her team are making it happen.

The app is poised to be a great success, but it could be threatened if established social media platforms create similar, better versions of the app as a feature. Lag and low video quality could also hinder the app, especially in more rural areas. But if it succeeds, it could be the new low-key social media that we need in an era of overdone Instagram perfection.