Haribo recently launched a “Chewy Channel” on IGTV to promote gummy products through quick stop-motion shows that can be “micro-binged,” according to a recent announcement. (IGTV is a standalone app which lets users watch long-form video from Instagram creators.) Each “season” is only about five minutes in length, consisting of approximately 20-second episodes. Haribo plans to launch a new show each month.

Each show fits in a popular genre – from the Western “Goldbear Gulch” to the vampiric “Beary Scary Stories” and the Star Wars-esque “Galaxy Goldbears.” One of the shows, “Bearly Corporate” seems to be a not-so-subtle imitation of “The Office,” portraying the experiences of neophyte gummy bear named Pineapple as he starts off his cubicle career, replete with gummy puns.

What Haribo is doing right: keep mobile content brief and vertical!

The Chewy Channel campaign works well with data that suggest ever-decreasing attention spans of audiences – which currently average at a whopping eight seconds! Brief content also gives viewers the opportunity for quick viewing during brief moments of down time. As the Mobile Marketer relates:

About four out of five (81%) Gen Zers said putting on a mobile video while doing other things keeps them entertained, per a study by entertainment company Whistle.

More and more video is being viewed on mobile – and guess what? 94 percent of mobile viewing is vertical. Furthermore, data from mobile ad startup MediaBrix show “a 90% higher completion rate for vertical videos compared to horizontal videos,” according to the Drum.