When you hear the term iOS 7, Microsoft Word is most likely not the first thing that comes to mind. But there may be a stronger connection than any of us realized. Just days after the latest iteration of Apple's operating system was released, a video was uploaded to YouTube questioning just how the visual effects of iOS 7 were created.

In the video, Vaclav Krejci, a GUI designer, photographer and writer, shows the world how every single iOS 7 app can be perfectly recreated using common Microsoft Word symbols, fonts, colors, and gradients.

So could Apple developers, known for their cutting-edge innovation and high-tech products, really have used something as simple as a word processor to design their most popular iOS upgrade in history? Watch the video and decide for yourself:

Vaclav has also written a book entitled 7 Best Text Effects in Microsoft Word, which offer tutorials on tons of Word text effect variations and tips on how you can put them to use to do more than you thought possible.