As July 15th approaches, all Amazon Prime customers wait with bated breath—Prime Day is just around the corner. On this day, in celebration of its twentieth anniversary, Amazon will offer a plethora of sales exclusively to Prime customers.

However, Amazon’s online surge isn’t good news for everyone. Recently, fewer people have been shopping in-store, in favor of the more convenient online shopping. Most stores thrive on physical foot-traffic while Amazon relies on the simple click of a mouse. In an effort to keep up with Amazon, Walmart has announced its own set of online sales, lasting 90 days—with the express purpose of outdoing Amazon. Below, we have an infographic that stacks the two retailers up against each other. Which will ultimately win out: the convenience of online shopping or the bargains held within the store? You decide.

amazon vs walmart infographic

Turns out Prime Day did not go exactly as planned…

With millions of Prime customers anticipating the deals of a lifetime, Amazon could not deliver. Angered customers took to Twitter to complain that the deals offered were simply not enough. From the looks of the tweets, you would think Amazon had instituted some sort of sick fire sale before a margin call. Chalk it up to overly needy customers or over-hyped marketing—either way, Prime Day did not fulfill the dreams it promised to make come true.

Thanks to WebpageFX for the infographic.

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