We all have had that awkward experience where we send an email, and then moments later regret it. Sometimes it’s just a misspelled word – sometimes it’s a bigger issue, like a bad tone. It used to be that you had to download special apps to revoke emails, but not anymore: most major providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, are now offering their own unsend functions.

Here’s how to use them.

Mobile: In the iOS version of Gmail, the setting is on by default. When you send an email, an “undo” button appears for five seconds, and then the message is gone forever. Unfortunately, this function is not available in the Android app.

Browser: You have more control on the Gmail.com website. By going to the gear icon and scrolling to Enable Undo Send in settings, you can adjust your cancellation time-frame to up to 30 seconds after sending.

Mobile: Outlook does not offer the feature in either iOS or Android apps.

Browser: The process is much the same as Gmail. Go to the gear icon and find Undo Send in Options. Click “let me cancel messages I’ve sent for” and select a number up to 30 seconds.

Yahoo Mail
Mobile: The Undo Send option is turned on by default on both iOS and Android apps. However, you only have three seconds to click undo.

Browser: Yahoo does not offer the feature on its website.

Story via the Wall Street Journal.