Twitter just launched its new Promote Mode to make advertising easier for users. The new service automatically promotes tweets that your organization has posted as ads for your brand. Like other promoted tweets, they will appear with the little “promoted” badge and give your brand more exposure. However, Twitter does the work of promoting for you automatically, choosing some of your tweets each day to promote to the audience that you select.

Up to 10 tweets posted every day that meet the quality standards can be used for promoted tweets. Retweets, replies, and quote tweets will not be promoted. Tweets will be promoted based on their performance.

Users who enable Promote Mode will still be able to use Twitter ads if they choose; promote mode is simply an automated way to ensure that your tweets are seen by those beyond your following audience.

The service costs $99 dollars a month, and is geared toward accounts with up to 2,000 followers. Higher price and promotion tiers will be available in the future for accounts with larger followings. Users that enable the service are projected to reach 30,000 additional people and add 30 new followers each month.