Heathrow airport captures the joy of coming home for the holidays with this charming Christmas advertisement featuring two teddy bears. Titled “It’s a Wonderful Flight,” the ad begins in 1967. Doris, an airline stewardess bear, chases down Edward Bair after he leaves his hat on the plane. They fall in love, buying each other shortbread, and kissing under the mistletoe in the back of a cab.

Flash forward ten years, and Doris is at the airport to pick up Edward- with their first child in tow (and, it looks like, another on the way.) The ad continues to follow them through their 50 years of marriage, as their family grows and is reunited before Christmas each year.

The video is the sequel to Heathrow’s 2016 ad “Coming Home for Christmas,” which features the Heathrow bears making their way through the airport to meet their grandchildren.

The sweetness of family and lasting love tugs at the heartstrings in this adorable commercial, demonstrating that there is nothing better than being reunited with those you love for the holidays. The ad shows that skillful appeal to the warmth and joy surrounding the Christmas season can successfully draw attention to your brand.