In an effort to attract more users, Twitter has just released an organized news feed feature. Dubbed “Moments,” it acts as a sort of news curator, and filters out all of the clutter on Twitter that so many people despise.

Person At Breakfast Looking At News App On Digital Tablet

Moments is pretty simple. By clicking on the lightening bolt icon located right next to the notification icon, you can see every top story on Twitter. Unlike in the old Twitter interface, where everything would appear in the form of hashtag-laden, 140 character blurbs, Moments offers a presentation salient to those who only wish to peruse top stories.

The company has devoted a team solely to the upkeep of Moments. This development is more than just a hyped-up version of trending hashtags; Twitter has actually taken it upon itself to become a true news source rather than simply a user-driven micro-blogging site. Now, the company offers an abundance of news and opinions—all presented effortlessly.

Twitter Moments comes in the wake of public scrutiny of the company’s viability as well as its recent managerial changes. Twitter hopes that Moments will entice people more used to the interface found on social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat.

Appealing to users’ appetites for convenience marks a major change for Twitter. Only time will tell if it pays off.

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