Capturing the magic and mayhem of Christmas in less than four minutes is no small feat – but each year, there are a few companies that achieve it. From sensational stories of fantastical cookbooks to sweet tales of newfound love, our new favorite Christmas advertisements feature traditional themes and fresh takes.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best of 2022’s Christmas commercials.

5. Heathrow Airport: The Gift

During the chaos of the holiday season, sometimes a vacation without the kids sounds like the perfect gift. But this heartwarming ad reminds us that the most important part of Christmas is sharing it with family.

4. Cairngorm Coffee: For Those Who Care

While many find making coffee as easy as waking up in the morning, for those new to the world’s favorite brew, learning how to make the perfect cup takes time.

3. Kroger: The Magical Cookbook

A person, a place, a moment. How can the taste of certain foods transport you back in time with just a single bite?

2. Netto: The Real Santa

Ever wondered what life was like for Santa growing up? Director Philippe Tempelman shows how it wasn’t always merry and bright in this touching ad created for a Danish supermarket.

1. The National Lottery: A Christmas Love Story

A chance meeting. A missed opportunity. A priceless reunion. The team at The National Lottery definitely channels parts of Mr. Bean’s Holiday in their latest ad about how the lottery brings people together.

Honorable mention – Chick-fil-A: The Snow Globe

Chick-fil-A returns with our favorite girls Sam and CeCe in another adventurous tale from Evergreen Hills. This time, Sam learns how many of life’s greatest joys come from helping others.