It’s that time of year when advertisers roll up their sleeves, don their Santa hats, and try to outshine their competitors with the jolliest, fuzziest, sparkliest Christmas ads imaginable. With catchy music, feel-good messages, and just the tiniest bit of magic, each hopes to pull at the heartstrings – and purse strings – of viewers across the globe.

Today, we’ve selected our top five favorites out of this year’s Christmas commercials – we hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

5. Apple and AT&T: Saving Simon

This sweet tale of a snowman being rescued from destruction warmed our hearts… make sure to watch all the way to the surprise ending.

4. Chik-fil-A: The Whoopsery

Young children, heirloom decorations, and excitable family pets make the perfect set-up for an epic Christmas “whoopsie!” But those at The Whoopsery remind us that broken things can be beautiful too.

3. Boots UK: Bags of Joy

A magic purse that contains the perfect present for each of your loved ones? If only there were such a thing!

2. Xfinity and Sing 2: Come Home

When an unfortunate woman runs into car trouble on the way home from work, she finds the most unlikely way to get to her children in time for their favorite Christmas show.

1. SuperValu Ireland: Share the Magic

After an injured reindeer wanders into a young girl’s yard, the two form a unique bond as she nurses it back to health.

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