It’s spoooooky season! We’ve already covered the scariest marketing mistakes and the most outrageous pumpkin spice products – so today we focus on something a little less creepy: the ten best Halloween commercials of all time. These advertisements are so good, it’s scary.

10. Toys ‘R’ Us Halloween

Ah, nostalgia. Those seamless transitions! That animation! The spooky-but-not-scary music! So pure. But be warned – the Yoda and Big Bird costumes are truly the scariest things in this whole post…

9. Fruity Pebbles – Flintstones

Oh, the things a man will do to steal cereal. Barney Rubble is as cunning as they come.

8. Nike – “You’ll Live Longer”

Is this a horror movie? A shoe commercial, you say? Watch Nike manage to be genuinely terrifying – and quite clever.

7. Verizon – FiOS “Dark Ages”

What’s scarier than zombies? Slow internet, hands down. (Plus, Gaten Matarazzo makes everything better).

6. Halos – “Good Choice, Kid”

Having your poison apple spill all your evil plans is the worst.

Disclaimer: “Do not eat talking food.”

5. Duracell Batteries

Is that supposed to be Count Dracula?!? We’re not entirely sure, but this commercial is giving us LIFE (pun intended). Spooky.

“Even after lying around for three years, today’s Duracell batteries still have up to 90 percent of their life. There’s a date that proves it. So you’ve got nothing to be afraid of.”

4. Skittles Spider

Watch Skittles sport some serious schadenfreude. A tenuous connection to the candy itself perhaps, but quite creative. What can we say? We like our commercials like our chocolate – dark. (Yes, Skittles don’t have chocolate, but the pun is still related to candy, isn’t it!?)

3. Snickers Horseless Headsman

“You’re not you when you’re hungry.” And it’s hard to be scary when you’re not yourself.

2. Snickers Halloween Lady

Mrs. Jensen? Is that you? This one starts out strange, but wait for it – it’s worth it.

1. Dulux Paint

It’s house paint – the ads have to be bland and boring, right? Wrong.