It is fair to say that the internet impacts virtually every American’s life. Its ken includes all three dominant generations—the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and the Millennials—three radically different demographics. Nonetheless, all three generations go on the internet every day, and most use some sort of social media site. What sort of content should you use (respectively) when marketing to all three demographics?


Different demographics call for different types of content. Baby Boomers tend to go on social media in the morning. They want quality—someone stroking their ego and telling them, “Yes, this is the best. You earned this because you are the best.” For, by and large, life has treated Baby Boomers well. When they go on social media, they are looking for self-fulfillment. So give them content that treats them well.

Generation X is still hard at work. They do not have time for social media during the day, so they utilize it later on in the night. Yet they are an important demographic; they statistically spend the most when they shop. This is the generation that owns minivans and pays two mortgages. What’s on their minds? Their kids, their future, their jobs. The Baby Boomers need to be flattered; Generation X needs to be offered security.

Millennials are the trickiest generation. They grew up with the internet, so traditional marketing is not going to sway them. Only the shiniest and newest ploys will enchant Millennials. They tend to be incredibly picky in all that they do, from the foods they eat to the clothes they wear. Simply put, “unique” and “quality” are synonyms to Millennials. When marketing to them, be unique, creative, fun—promise that your product is unlike any other.

Now that you know the face of each generation, find out which one your company services. It is important that your social media campaign reaches its intended audience. Having a clear target audience helps define a clear plan for success.

Original article can be found on SocialMediaToday.