In its first significant update since 2006, Baskin-Robbins has launched a major branding overhaul, releasing a new logo, branded merch, and most delicious of all – three new flavors. Here’s the scoop.

Memory and modernization

For many millennials, there is a distinctive nostalgia attached to Baskin-Robbins, but for the rising generations, Baskin-Robbins felt it needed to do more to bring in new customers.

The company began its shift to a more modern look in 2018, with the launch of its “Moments” stores – basically, location models based on an updated design, featuring digital menu boards and more display cases. Today, the “Moments” stores only comprise 70 of the 7,700 global Baskin-Robbins stores, but Baskin-Robbins president Jason Maceda has told CNN that with the tough days of the pandemic behind, the company hopes to expand its efforts to open more “Moments” stores in the years ahead.

New branding

This year, the company has launched a major brand overhaul, bidding adieu to its blue encircled logo for a more simple, pink and brown design that is in shades more modern, and nostalgic, incorporating themes and imagery from the company’s roots.

While the company was founded in 1945 by brothers-in-law Irvine Robbins and Burton Baskin, it wasn’t until 1953 that “Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream” became the brand name. The pink and brown colors of the new logo herald back to that original 1953 ad campaign, which “was built around circus iconography,” according to Jerid Grandinetti, Baskin-Robbins VP of marketing and culinary. 1953 also marked the introduction of Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors – one for every day of the month – and the new logo preserves the emblematic “31” hidden in the middle of the “BR” acronym.

That number has grown to over 1,300 – and this year’s rebranding campaign will bring three limited edition flavors, which CNN describes as follows:

One is Non-Dairy Mint Chocochunk, another is Totally Unwrapped, made with peanut butter and chocolate ice creams, caramel swirls, fudge-covered pretzels, and fudge and caramel covered peanuts. Grandinetti refers to that one as a “deconstructed candy bar.” The third flavor, Ube Coconut Swirl, is made with coconut and ube (a purple yam commonly used in Filipino desserts) ice creams with ube-flavored swirls.

As part of the rebrand, the company has introduced a new tagline – “Seize the Yay” – focusing on joy of ice cream.

Now don’t all scream at once.