Crispy, triangular, cheesy-dusty crunches of corn goodness, shrouded in that distinctive blue bag

Know what I’m talking about?

Doritos is assuming you will.

In what may prove to be the most mind-blowing anti-ad campaign of all time, Doritos  – or perhaps we should say [Logo_Goes_Here] – is going “for the bold™” in an unheard-of fashion: it’s removing its logo and name from all of its social media accounts, posts, and advertisements.

Because Doritos are that iconic.

These cheesy chips don’t even have to be named. In the “Anti-Ad” video featured in the campaign, Doritos goes through the entire segment without using the word “Dorito” even once, describing the all-too-familiar sensory Dorito experience we know so well. (And the narration almost rhymes, to boot! Think poetry slam, crunchy style.) 

No logos, no jingles, no gimmicks. Just those red and blue bags with the stuff you love in it.”

From the 60-second TV spots sans logo or brand name, to the giant building-side installation of a simple triangle on red background reading [Logo Goes Here], Doritos is certainly daring. The aptly named “Another level” campaign seeks to target Gen-Z consumers who are wary of “overt advertising,” says the Drum.

Source: The Drum

As audience demographics evolve and grow, advertisers must adapt. Doritos just happens to be doing it in a paradoxically flashy-yet-coy manner.