Twitter is abuzz this week after the State of Union tickets were released with a painfully obvious typo: they invited holders to the state of the “uniom” address. Twitter users took advantage of the mistake and ran with it.

Some used the opportunity to criticize President Trump– but made their own typos in the process:

Others tried to resurrect covfefe and the Gorilla Channel drama:

Even Senator Marco Rubio tweeted about it:


Luckily, only a portion of the tickets were printed with the typo, and replacement tickets will be issued, according to the Sergeant at Arms office.

Do you find it comforting or disturbing that even the government of the United States of America can make typos? Either way, it demonstrates the importance of having multiple people check and double-check any copy that is written for your organization. Additionally, once the error is detected, it is important to fix it as soon as possible – hopefully before they are sent out to dozens of Congressmen!