In a move towards greater sustainability, the Coca-Cola Company is trading Sprites iconic green bottle for a clear-plastic alternative. 

Going green by scrapping green

Since Sprite was first released over 60 years ago, customers have recognized it from a mile away, thanks to its eye-catching green bottles and lemon-lime label. However, while this green plastic is technically recyclable, there are very few facilities that will accept it for processing.

According to Jan Dell, founder of the environmental nonprofit The Last Beach Cleanup:

“There is no value for green [plastic]… No one wants green. Green is waste.”

Sprite remade

While customers may be shocked to see their Sprite with a new look, Coca-Cola executives believe that ultimately it’s a step in the right direction. As A.P. Chaney, director of creative strategy for sparkling flavors at The Coca-Cola Company recently shared:

“This is a huge and major update for the brand. Even some of the most iconic and historic brands need to meet the demands of today… Consumers are startled by change sometimes, and we are prepared to hear our consumers discuss it. But we know this is the right way to move forward with the brand.”

Coinciding with this month’s release of the new clear Sprite bottles is a product revamp and marketing campaign with NBA stars Anthony Edwards and Trae Young. Sprite recently released a commercial featuring the players discussing the brand’s new look, and ending with the words:

“New bottle. Same Sprite. Now made with clear plastic to help this bottle be remade.”

The company also stated that it plans to retire the use of green plastics for all of its product lines in the months ahead.