SpaceX launched a rocket December 22, causing confusion among many people in the Los Angeles area. The rocket’s unusual shape and con trail looked more extra-terrestrial than human-produced.

While the mayor sought to calm fears by confirming that it was a scheduled launch from Vandenburg Air Force Base, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk trolled people on Twitter.

Even celebrities chimed in about the phenomenon, including musician, Demi Lovato, and pro skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Watch the launch below- liftoff is at the 15-minute mark:

The rocket propelled the Iridium-4 satellite group into space at 5:27 p.m. Iridium-4 is the fourth set of ten satellites in the new Iridium NEXT constellation. When completed, it will consist of 75 low-Earth orbit communications satellites, replacing the old Iridium satellite system.

Although the rocket is quite an achievement, the real feat is the speed at which word of the incident spread via Twitter.