It looks like Instagram is rolling out yet another update, and users are a bit skeptical. The new feature, called ‘Recommended Stories’, will intermittently drop stories into your feed showcasing users who you are not following.

Although the idea of having a random person pop up in our feed sounds rather creepy, Digital Trends assures us:

No, Instagram wont be throwing in random images from random users. The recommended shots, which are clearly labels as such, will of course be selected by Instagrams carefully designed algorithms in the hope that each image will pique your interest and prompt you to follow whoever took it.

 Instagram posted a short explanation to their Help Center:

When scrolling through Feed, you may see posts that are Recommended for You. These posts are suggested based on posts liked by accounts you follow. You can choose to temporarily hide Recommended for You posts.

Obviously, this new update could be very helpful, especially for those looking for new content. Instead of having to go to the search bar and randomly surf the social media platform, Instagram will do the hard work for us, giving us recommendations based on our likes, friends, and other similar analytics.

The update also promises to drive engagement, especially for companies who promote their product via the stories feature.

However, could this constant flow of semi-filtered and unsolicited images and videos become an annoyance? Only time will tell.