It’s Valentine’s Day!  Your significant other is probably anticipating whatever amazing gift you’ve picked plan you’ve made.  Wait, you don’t have anything?  Well in spite of the pressing need for you to plan things better, here are some ideas that could save the day.

1. Take your Facebook photo album into the physical world


This is a simple idea, that depending on how you organize, decorate, and present it can be a really touching and meaningful gift.  Facebook can get into some hot water now and then, and some people may want to minimize their presence due to privacy concerns, but a real photo album can be very personal and sentimental.  

2.  Turn a Pinterest quote into a wall decal  

For this one, a lot of the work is already done, namely, coming up with a witty and clever saying that your special someone will like, especially since you can just check out her (or his) pinterest board.  Then, all you have to do is send it over to Wall Quotes or similar service, presto!  Okay, this one does require some forethought maybe, but it’s not impossible to do in one day, if you’re a competent and fairly fast painter.  Just quit work early and run.  

3.  Create a private Tumblr or Pinterest board.  

This is a similar idea to the photo album, but with some more options at your disposal, and may be appreciated more by the especially tech-savvy and internet-connected.  Making a page on the internet that only you and someone else can view is a nice way to put up those sappy and heartwarming photos, gifs, or videos that you don’t necessarily want your friends to see, lest they quip at your expense.  

4.  Create a video compilation á la Facebook or Chrome.  

By now we are all familiar with the Facebook Lookback videos or the particularly moving Chrome ads.  All you need is a hearty stock of Facebook, Vine, and YouTube videos, as well as photos.  Also, probably some photo editing experience, or at least a friend who does.  

If you have been a responsible adult and gotten something already, well there’s no reason not to plan for next year!  

Thanks goes to Mashable for these ideas and more.