Spectacles was a big flop for Snapchat. So why are they trying again to make video recording sunglasses a thing? Some are arguing that Spectacles 2 will solve all the problems that made Spectacles a bust, but we’re skeptical.

What’s different about the new version of the glasses? For starters, they can actually take still photos now instead of just videos. They’re also waterproof, have a slimmer design, and a smaller case. There are also new style options: red, blue, and black, as well as two different lens options. Additionally, the video transfer process has been streamlined – videos import in full resolution automatically over Wifi when the glasses are at home charging.

However, they still have a hefty price tag – $149.99 – which is $20 more than the original.  And even if you like the round video shape that enables you to change videos to vertical or horizontal, the camera is still not the best quality.

Snapchat has learned their lesson though, when it comes to roll out. No gimmicky Snapbots popping up in random locations this time – they are only selling the glasses on their website. Hopefully, it will help them control their supply more effectively, instead of resulting in a $40 million loss like they suffered from their first Spectacles attempt.